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The JSTC fleet ensemble

Surface Transportation Services

  • JSTC services address every demand for Small and Bulk Truckloads. Regular materials include materials such as Steel, small machinery and other Industrial Cargo

Trailers for Larger & Heavier Cargo

The JSTC fleet of more than 250 trailers, Leverages with The high level Technical expertise offering a range of decisive services to transport numerous cargo types across the nation.

Key aspects:

Fleet Size - 250 in different configurations such as:

  • Flat bed (40ft to 85ft)
  • Semi low bed Trailer
  • Low bed Trailers

The JSTC ODC Handle!

JSTC's in house fleet consists of 150 Vehicles in various combinations of 2 Axle, 3 Axle Modular, 4 & 6 Axles Modular Trailers,apart several specialist equipments and services such as

  • Drop decks for Hydraulic Axles
  • Spacers for Transportaion of Very lengthy Cargo
  • Stools for unloading very heavy consignments
  • Bolsters for transporting the extra lengthy consignments...

Flexibility ? customising? Read on...

Addressing several mission critical logistics demands, the people at JSTC deliver customised road-maps. Ranging from a simple truckload of consumer goods to transporting a military rocket launcher, or even an extremly heavy tonnage hydel turbine, or a mobile space launcher, JSTC addresses Client requirements and deadlines with Consumnate ease. Client expectations are always the baselines for JSTC personnel to operate upon ...

JSTC Route Survey Framework

JSTC has several specilaist divisions in-house to evolve engineering road maps for transportation of extra heavy tonnages under challenging road conditions.

While providing a suitable carrier such a hydraulic axle could be a plug 'n' play function for JSTC, Critical evaluation of the roads in question, is more demanding. Jaishree, with vast in house expertise provides ready assitance in developing suitable "road maps" to carry such complex tasks. Laying a bypass road or evaluating a Bridge in the route for instance, JSTC carries out such complex tasks with superior aplomb!

Roboust Transportaion Systems

Transportation plays critical role in every economy. Thinking of vast goods supply chains, small or big industrial complexes, Power, food, harbors, airports and how cargo heavy and delicate, often calling for a Innovative handle!

... and how Transportation systems help in such a complicated interconnect, 24/7, 365 days!

JSTC, with vast experience has evolved simple business process to addresses several such challenges effectively. The people at helm always a source for inspiring the teams at work towards a client centric, empowered environs.

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