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Deep domain expertise at JSTC, evaluating sustainable factors...

A Case Study

consider building a Meduim Sized Hydel facilty:
Specilaist Transportion of sensitive yet vital infrastructure machinery, demands deep domain expertise! Building a Hydel facility for instance, requires Gigantic Hydro-Turbines and Reversible Generators!! In the usual remote, unaccesible locations the roads are seldom 4 or 6 lane!!! JSTC carefully evaluates such pre-historic road conditions for LOAD BEARING STUDIES & sustainability.

These surveys determine by-passes, Bridge Overlays, and other engineering, safety aspects while providing a custom ROUTE MAP.

Out Sourcing can be profitable, but JSTC has the teams required IN_HOUSE addressing strategic National neccesities , not being meagrely tactical.

Transporting heavy equipment does not have a heavy burden. JSTC can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth experience.